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At the time of his arrest in February, the Education Department suspended Martin and notified parents at the eastern suburbs school of the charges. Martin's lawyer Stephen Ey told the court his client played the role of a victim on the chat sites to escape real-life issues with his gender, alienation and bullying at work. It was designed to help him escape the world he was in," Mr Ey said."As a young teenager himself, he felt he was a young female trapped in a young man's body."In his employment, in all those years that he worked, he only went to three social functions, so he has clearly felt alienated and lonely in his social life."Mr Ey said Martin suffered from paranoia, insecurity, obsessive behaviour and problems with authority, but has become much happier since starting his own handyman business."He had issues with the Education Department, he felt victimised," he said."Clearly his personality didn't fit well within the teaching community.