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However, merging data manually can be time-consuming. This Visual How To explains how to: This Visual How To is based on Merging Data from Multiple Workbooks into a Summary Workbook in Excel by Ron de Bruin and Frank Rice. Value ' Increase NRow so that we know where to copy data next. File Name = Dir() Loop ' Call Auto Fit on the destination sheet so that all ' data is readable. Column A will contain the file name and columns B through D will contain the information in cells A9 through C9 from the first sheet of each workbook. Worksheets(1) ' Modify this folder path to point to the files you want to use. Range("A9: C9") ' Set the destination range to start at column B and be the same size as the source range. In this case, the code starts at the bottom of the worksheet and searches upward, row-by-row, until the code finds a cell that is not blank. His code examples check for when files are not found, when the target workbook has insufficient rows, and other errors.